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Relay Extension

The Loxone Relay Extension is a true powerhouse and with its fourteen 16A rated relays, it will switch even the heaviest loads with ease.

  • to control blinds, lights, heating and more
  • 14 digital outputs (relays) max. 250VAC; 16A
  • DIN rail mounting

The Loxone Relay Extension brings more power into your home or commercial automation project. Together with the Loxone Miniserver, you get the perfect solution for controlling blinds, lights, heating, alarm systems and more.

14x 16A (max.250VAC) relays:
We have given the Relay Extension powerful 16A relays. So you can switch 100 traditional tungsten light bulbs or 2 fan heaters with just one channel!

Unbeatable price-to-performance ratio:
You can control 7 blinds or 14 lighting circuits with just one relay extension!

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